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At Zabouca Breads, we know that high quality products are only possible with high quality ingredients.  For that reason, we use only 100% organic flours and source as many other organic ingredients as possible.  Whenever we can go local, we do so – coconut, mangoes, oranges, honey, cocoa – with the intention of lessening our environmental impact and supporting the local farmer who grows the natural way.  We have a robust herb garden just outside our kitchen door, which provides us with the fresh basil, chive, sage, and rosemary that we use in many of our products.  Preservatives don't show up in any of our recipes.  Health is wealth – artisan baking fuses community living and high quality food that can continue to sustain us for years to come. 

Chris Marshall – Owner & Baker


Chris Marshall grew up in Trinidad assisting his mother in the kitchen. From her, he learned the art of Caribbean cooking and developed a passion for expressing his mixed African and Indian heritage through food. In 2007, Chris took an intensive whole grain baking course at the French Culinary Institute in New York City and fell in love with the art and science of whole grain baking. He continued to develop his skills with classes at the King Arthur Baking Education Center in Vermont and the Culinary School of the Rockies in Colorado, where he began a baking and catering business. He returned home to Trinidad in 2010 with a vision of sharing his passion for delicious, hearty breads, knowing that this nutritious art form is still missing from the local culinary palate.

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